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Bluetooth Switch/Button Device Upgrade

Bluetooth Switch/Button Device Upgrade

$70.00 - $90.00

"Getting a product juuuusssst right, the first time out, is challenging.  Over the life of a product, I often attempte to improve it.  This Upgrade does exactly that, improves Pairing and Profile." RJ

This page allows those that have my older BSI (Bluetooth Switch Interface), BSS (Bluetooth Super-Switch), BDBB (Bluetooth Dual Button-Box, or VO Controller (VoiceOver Controller), with the red power button, to upgrade to the latest hardware, which maintains Bluetooth pairing and Profile* much more consistently than previous versions.

For more on the BSI, click here.

For more on the BSS, click here.

For more on the BDBB, click here.

For more on the VO Controller, click here.

How do you know if your unit is "older?" Easy!  If it has a red power button, it's older :-)

My Bluetooth Switch/Button Device Upgrade is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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