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Caroline from IN using BT Dual Button Box

BT iPad/Tablet/Computer Dual Button Box

$169.00 - $189.00

"Alternative access to an iPad can sometimes be critical.  These units are of immediate benefit in allowing those with physical and/or visual challenges to control 'switch-friendly' apps and certain 'regular' apps." RJ



Works with any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, as well as Androids. The host device's music can be controlled as well as Switch Control (I-devices) or Android's switch accessibility.

Each unit also has built-in switch jacks for those physically needing switch access.

Step-scanning uses 1 button (or switch) to move your onscreen highlighter (selector, and audio preview, if you have that enabled), and another to Select.  This method greatly speeds up getting to things when they are far from the upper left corner.  This method also removes any timing factor which is usually required in Auto-scan.

A moderate number of special needs apps have built-in scanning abilities and most have 2 switch Step-scan as an option.  Further, iPads (and iPhones and iPod Touches) have Switch Control to allow scanning *some* apps and websites.  Within Switch Control, is Recipes, which allows a designated switch/button to turn the pages in a storybook or perform some other repetitive action within 'regular' apps.

This great tool for Step-scanning comes in 2 sizes:

Small or Large

My BT iPad/Tablet/Computer Dual Button Box was built with people in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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