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How Does A Flopper Stopper Head Helper Work?

A flopper stopper head Helper is a device used to prevent ground-fishing, trapping fish that have fallen out of their holes during ice fishing. 

A flopper stopper head is a small device placed on the end of an ice fishing rod, which prevents the ground fisher from setting the hook when there are no fish in the hole.

girl head supported by a head helping stand

A flopper stopper head works by preventing the fisherman from setting the hook if there are no fish in their ground bait trap. This can be done by using a spring-loaded mechanism that only allows the fisherman to set their hook when there is a fish in their bait trap. 

There are several different types of flopper stoppers, but all operate on similar principles. Here’s how they work:

How A Flopper Stopper Head Works

A flopper stopper head Helper uses a spring mechanism, which holds weight in place. When a fish is in the angler’s hole, the spring is compressed, and the weight will be held down by the fish’s own weight.

When there’s no fish holding the weight down, the spring flips the weight up, and the fisherman cannot set their hook because the weight is not in place to allow them to set their hook. 

Most flopper-stopper heads are designed to be attached to the tip of an ice fishing line. The weight on the end of the flopper stopper head is usually heavy enough to be held in place by the weight of the fish, but not heavy enough for the angler to feel it on the end of their line.

Types Of Flopper Stopper Heads

Flopper stopper heads are available in a variety of styles: 

·        Sliding Weight Flopper Stopper 

This type of flopper stopper uses a sliding weight, which can be adjusted to put the weight as close to the tip of an ice fishing line as possible. 

·        Toggle Flopper Stopper 

This type of flopper stopper uses a toggle, which can be attached to the line on either side of the hook. 

·        Spring Flopper Stopper

This type of flopper stopper has a spring-loaded weight, which is usually attached directly to the line.



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