iPad & Computer Accessories for Special Needs
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$129.00 - $164.00

"This one switch does it all!  It's 5" diameter makes a great target for those that need it.  It defaults to function as a mouseclick on any computer, through the cordless USB receiver." RJ


With our accompanying software for Mac or PC, you can have the Super-Switch function as any keystroke or mouse button (our software always 'looks' for mouseclick, <1> key, or <space> as the switch input; but other companies might be 'looking' for something else when they say "switch").

That means that all special needs 'switch' software can be operated by Super-Switch.

  • With the 2 channel version, there are 2 inputs there for you. You can have 2 switch Step-Scanning for your learner!  That means you can use the other switch for 'stepping' (advancing through choices) and the Super-Switch for the actual selecting (or vice versa).  The possibilities are endless :)

Super-Switch's input default to the different mouseclicks, but with the SwitchHopper software, as above, you can set the switch input(s) to do just about anything that any software wants.


My Super-Switch is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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