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Tall Tablet Stand w/Adjustable Tablet Holder

Tall Tablet Stand w/Adjustable Tablet Holder


This product has a very heavy (6 lbs) base and rubber feet so it stays put. It is completely 360 degree adjustable as well as height adjustable.

If using this Stand to get your iPad up high enough behind an acutely-angle physical keyboard, here are the benefits:

  • Eyes forward
  • Trunk erect
  • Orientation forward, not down
  • Motor movement, forward
  • No 'head-bobbing' (where the user leans over to see the keys and/or eye-hand coordinates, and then sits erect to see the effect on the screen)

Our Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH) is included, so you just need to select which one.  Tall is for iPads in protective cases, like my popular Ultimate II ones.  Standard is for Mini iPads, or regular ones not in a protective case (which is crazy ;-) .  Tall & Thick is for really thick foam cases.

  • Choose Standard for smaller tablets (Kindle, iPad Mini, etc.) or regular size iPads NOT in a protective case (although I think it's crazy not to protect your valuable investment).  Please consider one of my Ultimate II cases!
  • Choose Tall for regular or larger tablets in protective cases.
  • Choose Tall & Thick for VERY thick foam cases.
My Tall Tablet Stand w/Adjustable Tablet Holder is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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