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Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand


"I try to offer *exactly* what is needed.  The BIG issue is the stability and non-skid of the stand (and height, when *not* touching the iPad directly).  There are scads of iPad stands on the commercial market (go to Amazon.com and enter "ipad stand"), but *none of them* are really suitable for special needs situations.  They tip, tilt, move, and slip.  And most cases with a built-in stand has the same problems." RJ :-)

This page shows my simple Tablet Stand, which is bendable to different angles.  It has my non-skid Stick & Suck on the bottom (which you can get more of as it does not last forever ;-) . 

It is VERY stable, even resisting tipping when pushing on top corners of the tablet.

I have 3 other Stands:

On the fence about this Tablet Stand? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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