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Tablet Floor Stands w/Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH)

Tablet Floor Stands w/Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH)

$129.00 - $299.00

"Everything I make comes from 'your' requests.  This one came from an OT working with a youngster that is floor-bound, slightly reclined, on his back.  They asked if any of my Tablet Mounts would work, but they all require attaching the Super-Clamp to something stable.  So I purchased quite a few things until this microphone-style boom stand came to my attention.  I had to devise a counter-weight because an iPad with my Tablet Holder and a rugged case (like my Ultimate, Ultimate II, or Carry Case) is much heavier than a microphone.  I also had to devise some way to attach my Tablet Holder to the microphone end of the boom." RJ :-)

But I'm happy with the configuration I came up with, plenty of adjustments to get your tablet into a position as perfect-as-possible.  The Short version positions your tablet up to 30" up from the floor, or all the way down right next to it.  The post of the Stand can be almost 3 ft. from the learner.  The Tall version positions your tablet from about 32" from the floor, up to about 72".

You can purchase below (or with a P.O.) with a Tablet Holder (so as to hold an iPad) for less than the two separately, or with our 2.5" and 4.5" disk set for attaching a switch.  For the tablet version on this page, it comes with my ATH (Adjustable Tablet Holder).  If your tablet is in a protective case, you need my Tall ATH.  If not, then Standard.  And if you have a very THICK case, then my Tall & Wide.

From initial feedback, I've added straight versions, a Short one (15") and a Tall one (32"-60").

Both versions use a tripod base (rather than a small diameter, weighted one) with a good size 22" diameter (for Short versions) and 34" (for Tall) coverage, to prevent tipping.  And both units are light enough to easily move around without wheels (7 lbs).

OR...you can get locking wheels on any version...
My Tablet Floor Stands w/Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH) is destined to impress.

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