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"Here's a simple cause and effect activity that tries to really make an impact with the learner, through full-screen animations and great sound effects. And with SwitchMan, the full-screen built-in guide, the learner is assisted through the cause/effect process." RJ :-)


There are 3 types of animations (78 in all). Those appropriate for "All"; SwitchMan's own special blend of humor; and those appropriate for "Baby". You can turn All and Baby on/off so the program is age-appropriate.

And there are controls such as Release Required and Penalty which help the learner understand *when* to touch their switch (or touchscreen), and *as importantly*, when *not* to touch their switch.

And music accompanies every animation (you can turn it off, also).

Each animation is only 5-10 seconds long so that switch 'bangers' might better understand the 1-to-1 correspondence between cause (their switch touch) and effect (the animation).

As with most of our software, you can re-record the verbal prompts and add your own music.

Here are some examples of individual frames of the animations (And we don't just flip back and forth between these frames; animations are complete movies unto themselves).

And here's Switchman himself, adding to the fun...

When the learner perserverates (doesn't respond within the time you have set for Response Time), SwitchMan appears at times, to help the learner:

    SwitchMan saying "Hello, you still there?"

For the PC version, you'll need to download *2* files.  The first will be linked to in your receipt (yes, even for the free trial version.  The second one is here

My SwitchMan is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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