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Switch Switcher

Switch Switcher


"Access, with only 1 switch, to 2 different devices, has denied independence for some.  When I was asked to create a solution, this is what I came up with :-)" RJ

The problem:

The user uses 1-2 switches to control things

He/she wants to control 2 different things with the same switch(es)

Presently, a facilitator must unplug his/her switch(es) from one device and plug into another

It would be much better if the user could do it by him/herself

The Probable Solution

The user presses/holds his/her #1 switch for a set-able number of seconds to switch between devices.

The 'outputs' of his/her switch clicks now go to the second device Switch Switcher uses 2 AA batteries so it's completely portable.  Batteries should last about a month.

Life is too short to live without the Switch Switcher. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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