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Switch Kits (CD)

Switch Kits (CD)

$50.00 - $89.00

"These kits were a big success for us at a past Closing The Gap and 2006 ATIA c"onferences.  All 250 people, loved making their own functional switch from 2 CD's, no soldering." RJ :-)

Each Kit includes:

  • 2 CD's
  • 2 adhesive backed copper plates
  • 4 strips hook & loop
  • 1 cable
  • 1 3-1/4" Stick & Suck pad (new material which holds the switch *firmly* in place, but is instantly movable! Learn more in the video below.)

For those requiring more general explanation of why a kit of this type is useful, here's the deal:

In our field of Assistive Technology (computers used for people with special needs/disabled), switches/buttons are a commonplace item, used for those persons that cannot operate a mouse or keyboard.  They are also used for 'early' thinkers that need a *very* simple 'device' to activate, in order to get large and loud feedback from the computer.  That is called cause/effect training.

So switches have been around our field since I helped to invent it back in 1983.  They are always in demand.  At recent conferences, we had switch building 'make and takes' for attendees.  They loved building their own switch that could actually be *used* back at their domain.  Very popular.

So for people that present to others (workshops, seminars, in-services), we were asked to sell the Switch Kits so that *their* attendees could enjoy what *they* enjoyed at our exhibit space.

There you have it.

Each order for Switch Kits contains an instructional DVD.

My Switch Kits (CD) was built with people in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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