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TV-Cable/Satellite Remote (Switch-Adapted)


"I simply cannot adapt every cable/satellite company's remotes.  So I must use a 'universal' remote that can be set for *your* devices.  But almost every 'universal' remote has buttons, that you *must* press, for each of your entertainment devices (TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD, VCR, Aux).  Your cable/satellite remotes don't suffer this problem because they are programmed, usually by an installer, for the power button to operate both your TV and the cable/satellite box." RJ


So here is what you usually must do to watch TV with a universal remote:

1) Press Cable (or Satellite).

2) Press Power.

3) Press TV.

4) Press Power

5) Press Cable (or Satellite).

And now you can watch TV, and your Channel buttons affect your cable/satellite box.

The Solution:

My challenge was to find a universal remote, that I could adapt (no easy task in these days of ultra-miniaturization!), that with one button, would turn both (or either) your TV *and* cable/satellite box on/off.  I wanted one switch input for Power, and a second for Channel Up.  Also, because there are so many channels these days, the remote must be capable of storing a 10-15 Favorites, so Channel Up wouldn't have to cycle through hundreds of channels ;-)

Fortunately, there were 2, as of this writing, with each specializing in several of the popular providers.

These remotes do *not* operate DVD, CD, Stereo, or anything other than TV and cable/satellite box.

Life is too short to live without the TV-Cable/Satellite Remote (Switch-Adapted). Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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