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Switch-Adapted MP3 Player

Switch-Adapted MP3 Player


"Switch-Adapted means I have adapted this commercial Mp3 Player so that one switch can be play/pause, another can step through the songs, and another switch input is there if you want to go backwards (which would require 3 switches).  This method is designed for those people that can understand this process.  This is not recommended for cause/effect practice." RJ


The cube is only 2" x 2" x 2" and has a small (but pretty loud) speaker built in.  It has a rechargeable LiON battery which lasts about 6 hours. 

The music is stored on an included mini-SD card; use the included USB adapter with your computer to edit the song list.


    USB charging of the internal LiON battery with included cable
    Plays MP3's, the most common music format (songs/stories from audio CD's must be 'ripped' through Media Player or iTunes as MP3; songs in iTunes or Media Player can be converted to MP3).  THIS INCLUDES E-BOOKS!
    Drag and drop the songs/stories from your computer without any special software (although iTunes can be used, also) to the included mini-SD card.
    It holds *hundreds* of songs/files.
    Sequential playback of songs
    Functions as podcast and/or audio book player! (no bookmarks, sorry)
    7 hours play time
    Dimensions: 2" cube
    Weight: just over 6 oz.

My Switch-Adapted MP3 Player is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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