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Switch-Adapted Cause/Effect Player

Switch-Adapted Cause/Effect Player


Using my small MP3 Player, I created additional electronics that would turn a switch hit into music/audio playback for 10-120 seconds.  It's a simple 3 x 3 cube, rechargeable, with built-in small (but sufficient) speaker, with a removable mini-SD card for song storage.  Plug a switch in (OPTIONAL), and the audio plays for your set-able amount of time, then pauses. (It goes strictly by time, not song or chapter or anything)

A 3-way switch lets you choose between Timed, Latching, or Momentary.

When presenting to learner, audio should be paused, and the first switch hit will then start the audio.

On the fence about this Switch-Adapted Cause/Effect Player? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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