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Call Light/Siren (Switch-Adapted)

Call Light/Siren (Switch-Adapted)

$69.00 - $99.00

Switch input and 3-way mode switch (lights only, low volume, high volume)

"I enjoy being your 'go-to' person for gadgets.  I love it when you guys out there view me as a *resource* rather than a 'vendor'.  In this case, Gina C. emailed me about her son, Alec, who is in a mainstreamed class.  Frequently, he needs to get some help from his teacher.  But, because of his physical situation, he is unable to get his teacher's attention." RJ


"So Gina emailed:  "I am requesting, as you suggested, a switch adapted hand-raisie thing so that my son, who has very limited mobility, can 'raise' his hand."

"I located a flashing light, switch-adapted it, and she wrote:  "Thank you again for listening and solving a problem.  Alec is so thrilled to have this."

"Then Gina wished that it did make a siren sound, so I've located a red one that I could adapt, that plays a siren sound (picture at top of page) and I'll be substituting that one for Alec!  There is now a 3 position switch for lights only, soft siren, and loud siren.

"The Call Light is positioned via my Mini-Arm, with included Mini-Clamp.  There is *always* a place on a wheelchair for the Clamp. At the top of the Arm is a 2.5" round, flat platform, and ultra-strong VELCRO® BRAND fastener.

My Call Light/Siren (Switch-Adapted) is innovative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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