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Bluetooth Music Box WITH Switch Inputs

Bluetooth Music Box WITH Switch Inputs

$229.00 - $249.00

"Switch access to music, hmmm.....what a concept! Since people with significant physical challenges cannot access smartphones and such in a typical manner, I wanted to give access to music with *whatever* means a person has!" RJ


iPad/iPod/Smartphone/Tablet  Cordless Music Box WITH Switch Inputs

Our Smartphone/Tablet Cordless Music Box using Bluetooth (cordless) technology to allow a person with physical and/or cognitive challenges to control their own music from a 'music source' (a smartphone or tablet, or even a computer)! Using 2 or 3 LARGE (1.5") accessible buttons or external switch(es), and a GREAT JBL speaker, the user can access hundreds of songs, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio on their music source. The user can use their button to 'step' through their songs, listening for one they like.

A "switch" is a round button positioned near an accessible part of the user's body (hand, foot, cheek, elbow, etc.) with an appropriate positioning device (see our Category of Positioning Stuff).  We offer 3 sizes of these switches.

The JBL speaker is Bluetooth so all audio from the music source comes through it, and it's pretty darn good for such a small speaker.  JBL has been in the music speaker business for over 50 years.

Inside the Bluetooth Music Box is a Bluetooth controller, with our buttons wired to it, so as to control the music from the music source.

My Bluetooth Music Box WITH Switch Inputs is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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