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screen protectors for ipads

Screen Protectors for iPads


"This is *Not* the thin, acetate screen protector that I package with all my cases.  It is an alternative to that and other thin ones! And it requires a purposeful and forceful touch." RJ :-)

 I love my Ultimate II Case with its built-in handle, semi-stand, and shoulder strap.  One thing I wish it did have, though, is a *true* screen protector.  Note the word "true" and "protector."  With an Otterbox, or other case that has a screen 'cover', it has a thin piece of vinyl or acetate, not capable of actual screen protection, other than dirt/liquids (which *is* saying something, I agree).  But in the special needs environment, absorbing trauma/impact to the screen is sometimes necessary.  So I primarily make my Screen Protector for my Ultimate II cases.

Now, truth be told, only once since I've offered my Ultimate II Cases has someone reported a cracked screen (out of many thousands, that's not bad!), and it was not due to direct screen trauma; it was actually a corner impact from throwing the case a great distance.  So I'm quite satisfied with the protection offered with my Ultimate II.  And I make my Protector for all of the major cases in my field of Assistive Technology/AAC.  But it is not compatible with the Otterboxes because they have their own built-in thin acetate 'protector', which is *not* trauma-protection, but is good scratch and moisture protection.

But there are some of you that really wanted "heavy duty" screen *protection*, and that's what this page is about.  My Screen Protector is a specific thickness of a very tough plastic.  I have tested my Protector against a tempered glass screen protector of 4mm, dropping a 2 lb. hammer drop from 12", 18", and 24" and neither my Screen Protector nor the iPad was damaged .  But when the tempered glass finally failed, at 36", it shattered into a million shards each sticking to the iPad glass (which also broke). It was a *mess* trying to get all the shards off the iPad!


The thickness is critical.  Remember, iPad/tablet screens are *not* "touch-sensitive;" they are sensitive to the electricity from your fingers.  That electricity needs to get through the plastic in order for the iPad to register your touches.  Too thick of a screen protector, no iPad sensing.  Too thin, you're back to the Otterbox type of "cover".  Just right, and you can 'have your cake and eat it, too" ;-)  My screen Protector, which is designed for a 'heavy' toucher, requires a fairly 'heavy' touch to get through to the ipIad.  But it even works with my Tablet HandPointer and Tablet HeadPointer.

Now how, you may ask, does my Screen Protector attach? Great question! It is *not* a part of the case.  It's an almost exact fit to the visible part of the screen surface.  It is 'attached' by special 1/8" double-sided tape.  With the iPad on, you can barely see that it's there (with iPad off, the edges are a little bit more visible).  It is VERY difficult for a learner/user to remove the screen protector (especially if he/she isn't even aware of its existence!).  It's a simple solution to attachment, and it works :-) I've tried to make it so it fits with many protective covers out there.

I can also make this product for several of the special needs cases out there, if requested!


This is a thick, self-adhesive Screen Protector that can protect the iPad screen from direct trauma/impact.  I've tested it with up to a 2 lb. hammer dropped at 24" with no damage to the iPad screen.  However, I am *not* 'guarantee-ing' your iPad's safety because I have no control over your circumstances.  But I do have great confidence in the product's protection.

First, Screen Protector from any wrapping.  Then remove the 'backing' of the 4 thin adhesive strips along the edges on one face.  Remove the thin plastic coating on the other side.  Apply the Screen Protector to the iPad's screen.

That's it!  You can actually remove the Screen Protector, carefully, and be able to re-position it.  If you need more tape, just email me!


RJ :-)

My Screen Protectors for iPads was built with people in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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