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"This is a robust and large joystick for Windows or Mac. This stick does *not* have be held, just pushed, and the cursor moves at a rate, that you specify, in the pushed direction.  It stays where you left it once you let go of the stick.  It does *not* return the cursor to center :-) For many, this is a game changer!" RJ :-)

It also has switch inputs (switch(es) are *optional*) to parallel the functions of the buttons, which can be configured by you to do just about anything. I recommend mounting SAM-Joystick to our Magic or Mini-Arm and Device Adapter, for optimal positioning.

Clicking can be accomplished by:

  1. Using the joystick buttons, which can be set as you'd like;
  2. Use an external switch, as pictured above;
  3. Use Joystick to Mouse's built in dwell, or our SmartClick dwell utility.

Windows: Joystick to Mouse software is included and must be downloaded/registered.

Mac: SAM-X is included and must be downloaded.
My SAM-Joystick is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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