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RadSounds (Cause/Effect and Music Player)

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"I wanted the ultimate musical cause/effect music program, totally apropropriate for all ages, but really targeted at teenagers. There's plenty of fun dancing on the screen and the music is RADICAL. This disk is usable at a slightly higher than cause/effect level also and comes with a large variety of songs, or you can easily record your own (Win/Mac). The 3 modes let you target cause/effect or allow the user to be the DJ." RJ :)

Windows: When you receive the download link, right-click and Save the file in your Downloads folder.  Then, you MUST also download the Songs by clicking on this Rad-Songs.zip link and SAVE to your Downloads folder.  Now, you can go into the Downloads folder to launch the installer.

Works with any interface capable of generating a <space> and <enter> or <left-click> and <right-click>.

On the fence about this RadSounds (Cause/Effect and Music Player)? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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