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"I wanted a 'purse-able' (so an female could easily carry it in her purse), inexpensive switch interface.  Adapting a mini-mouse was the 'path of least resistance ;-)" RJ

A quite inexpensive, USB 'mini' switch interface for both Mac and Windows, with 28" retractable cable.

Mini-SwitchPort provides a place to plug switches into a computer.  There are 2 switch inputs in Mini-SwitchPort.  When you plug a switch(es) into a the Mini-SwitchPort jack(s), the switch(es) ‘become’ standard mouse-clicks (Win: left, right; Mac: click, click), and with installation of the accompanying software, you can configure each button to 'be' any mouse-button event or keystroke you’\d like!

Mini-SwitchPort does not interfere with the operation of other pointing devices, such as a mouse.  It works in addition to your mouse.  Your mouse retains all of its normal functions (with SwitchHopper software asleep).

Mini-SwitchPort is 2.5" long x 1" wide x .75" tall.

Mini-SwitchPort will take any switch (1/8" or 3.5mm mini, standard size for all switches)

Mini-SwitchPort uses the SwitchHopper software for Windows and SAM-X for OS 10 and above.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold, the Mini-SwitchPort is for you.

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