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Mini-Arm w/Adjustable Tablet Holder

Mini-Arm w/Adjustable Tablet Holder


"Attaching to a sturdy laptray removes most impediments to mounting on a wheelchair. My Mini-Arm makes it a snap!" RJ

This is a nice, sturdy 'arm' for positioning lighter items, like iPads/tablets or switches. It's a great way to mount an iPad/tablet to a wheelchair if there is support tubing right around the person's knee, or a sturdy laptray.  The 'reach' of the Mini-Arm is only about 13" so if you need to get up higher, you need to look at the Articulating or Magic Arm.

And if there's a laptray involved, a *sturdy* one, the Mini-Arm (and Short Arm) do just what's needed.

As with both of those, this product from this page comes with an Adjustable Tablet Holder of your choice.  Tall for iPads in a protective case, Standard for Mini's or iPads not in a protective case (tsk, tsk), and Tall & Thick for cases that are super-thick.

  • Choose Standard for smaller tablets (Kindle, iPad Mini, etc.) or regular size iPads NOT in a protective case (although I think it's crazy not to protect your valuable investment).  Please consider one of my Ultimate II cases!
  • Choose Tall for regular or larger tablets in protective cases.
  • Choose Tall & Thick for VERY thick foam cases.
Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Mini-Arm w/Adjustable Tablet Holder.

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