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Magic Arm w/Adjustable Tablet Holder

Magic Arm w/Adjustable Tablet Holder

$39.00 - $329.00

"This is my most robust 'arm' for positioning heavier items or for persons that have a heavy touch, or you need to reach a longer distance (greater than 22") and need an Extension.  Most of the time, people get this for their iPad/tablet, but it can also hold keyboards like my 'BIG Blue'-Tooth keyboard(TM), other tablets, even books." RJ :-)

The large knob at the 'elbow' tightens the 3 'arm' joints.  The Super-Clamp attaches to just about anything.

As with both of those, this product from this page comes with an Adjustable Tablet Holder of your choice. 

  • Choose Standard for smaller tablets (Kindle, iPad Mini, etc.) or regular size iPads NOT in a protective case (although I think it's crazy not to protect your valuable investment).  Please consider one of my Ultimate II cases!
  • Choose Tall for regular or larger tablets in protective cases.
  • Choose Tall & Thick for VERY thick foam cases.
Extensions are available in 3" lengths (larger lengths below comprise appropriate number of 3" lengths, + a 1" 'header').
    My Magic Arm w/Adjustable Tablet Holder is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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