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ChinCheeka Head Clicker - RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc.

ChinCheeka Head Clicker


A simple way for someone to use one mounting arm, such as mine, and hold 2 switches.  This is useful for step-scanning.  Also for controlling 2 toys/appliances (with other hardware; ask me).

In the picture shown, Blaine is step-scanning, using one switch to 'step' (move) through choices, and the other to 'select' (pick).  Blaine's ChinCheeka is attached to my Magic Arm.  

The Compact Switches can be moved to accommodate different size heads.

I have Step-Scanning in my AAC training software/iPad app, Point To Pictures, my early literacy program/iPad app, Spell-A-Word, my Talk 'n Scan Calculator program, and my early math program, 2+2.  He can even operate the entire computer, even typing, using just 2 switches, and my CrossScanner mouse emulation program and related OnScreen keyboard software.

IMPORTANT: 2 switches are not only good for Step-Scanning/control on the computer, but for switch-adapted items that require 2 switch controls! 
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold, the ChinCheeka Head Clicker is for you.

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