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boombox effect

Cause/Effect Boombox

$50.00 - $199.00

"Providing a simple music tool for cause/effect, with music known to personally motivate a learner, is a great first step into Assistive Technology.  I so enjoy how fast someone can learn through music!" RJ


This 8" x 4" x 3" box contains an MP3 player with a built-in timer, and 1 large 3" button, and a switch jack/input. There are 3 modes possible: Timed (where the music plays for a set-able number of seconds, then pauses), Latching (the music toggles in between play and pause with each successive activation), and Momentary (the music plays just for the 'moments' that the activation is maintained).  Timed is the actual 'essence' of this product, for cause/effect.

The large button can be on the left or right. *A SWITCH JACK/INPUT IS ACCESSIBLE.*

The reasonable-sounding speaker runs on a rechargeable LiON battery.

The Player stores many songs on a tiny removable mini-SD card, which can be reloaded/edited, using the included USB adapter, on any computer.  The Player plays MP3 songs, which can be exported from iTunes, Windows Media Player, 'ripped' from an audio CD, or downloaded from the internet.

My Cause/Effect Boombox is destined to impress.

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