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bubcap pro

BubCap Pro for iPad

$12.00 - $125.00

"I often tell attendees at my lectures, 'Our learners do not respond to correction.' I believe prevention, and obvious consequences work much better.  BubCap Pro prevents Home button activation, pure and simple ;-)" RJ

To try and manually prevent a 'happy tapper' from pressing the Home button on an iPad, and getting out of the app you want him/her in, is frustrating.  You can engage Guided Access and 80% of the time, that works.

When it doesn't, there's BubCap Pro.  A thin, stiff, self-adhesive plate that covers your Home button.  It has a hole in it big enough for a pencil/pen point for YOU to get to the Home button.  And the adhesive has been shown to prevent learners from prying off the BubCap :-)


The Problem: Autistic, young, difficult, cognitively 'early' individuals press their i-device's Home button and exit the app you want them in.

Before I continue, kudos to Rob Mitchell of PaperClipRobot.com for coming up with these!!!

The Solution: Cover your Home button with a special BubCap Pro that I have tested and adapted.  BubCaps are small aluminum 'tab's (the manufacturer actually makes a variety for different purposes, but the aluminim "Pro" model is the only one I've found all-around success with).  They self-adhere to the cover your Home button.  The Home button cannot be pressed directly now, by anyone!  It works great! :-)  Problem solved!

Question:  How come yours are slightly more expensive than other sellers of a similar product?

Answer:  Look at the Q/A below the pictures.  My adaptation is unique, and from personal experience, essential!  Also, this is the Pro version, the only version that can't ever fail because of its stiffness.

The BubCap is in place and the iPad is in my Carry Case/Bumper Case Combo, positioned on my Super-Stand.  (The app is my Point To Pictures AAC *trainer*)

Question:  How does a supervisor (parent, teacher, therapist, etc.) press the Home button?

Answer:  Easy.  Use a pen point through the small hole in the center of the BubCap. We specially drill the access hole large enough to do this.  If you purchase from anywhere else, you must use a toothpick or paper clip, which are a safety hazard and inconvenient.

Question:  Can I remove the BubCap?

Answer:  Of course!  Use a razor/boxcutter to *gently* pry it away from the screen.  It's easy.  And you can re-adhere it several times!

My BubCap Pro for iPad is innovative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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