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ipad switch interface

iPad/Tablet Switch Interface (H-66)


"In Sept. of 2010 (the iPad was released in the Spring of that year), I found a Bluetooth box for turning pages of sheet music by foot.  I had them modify the firmware and my BSI was born.  Over the years, the product has improved, especially its Bluetooth pairing and profiles. Please do not buy this product from the company that 'knocked it off' ("E.D.").  RJ

This Bluetooth Switch Interface (BSI) for iPad and tablets allows 1-2 switches to control 'switch-friendly' apps and some global aspects of an iPad.  Switch-friendly apps are those written by developers in the Assistive Technology or AAC field, and are 'looking' for specific signals that my BSI transmits (space/enter).  There are about 80 switch-friendly apps.  A list can be found by clicking here.

The BSI has a rechargeable battery (charge via USB adapter, such as your iPad's and an included charging cable).


My iPad/Tablet Switch Interface (H-66) was built with people in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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