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iPad/Tablet Super-Switch (H-65)

iPad/Tablet Super-Switch (H-65)


"Taking a LARGE switch and embedding Bluetooth electronics inside was MY idea. Others (i.e. "ED") have copied me. I still make the best one (false modesty aside!) and update it as needed.  And I'm *always* available for troubleshooting and advice." RJ

This is a LARGE (5") switch (button) with my Bluetooth Switch Interface (BSS) for iPad and tablets inside, so it can directly Connect to iPads/tablets, to control 'switch-friendly' apps and some global aspects of an iPad.  Switch-friendly apps are those written by developers in the Assistive Technology or AAC field, and are 'looking' for specific signals that my BSI transmits (space/enter).  There are about 80 switch-friendly apps.  A list can be found by clicking here.

Also, any iPod Touch, iPhone, or Android device's music can be controlled as well as Switch Control (I-devices) or Android's switch accessibility.

The BSS also has switch jacks on its edge to connect other switches, such as a second switch for step-scanning.

The BSS has a rechargeable battery (charge via USB adapter, such as your iPad's and an included charging cable).


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the iPad/Tablet Super-Switch (H-65).

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