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Stick & Suck Placement Disks

Stick & Suck Placement Disks

$25.00 - $45.00

"Making a switch stay where it's put, but being able to easily re-position it has been a 'holy grail' of AT since its beginnings.  Stick & Suck is a very reasonable option." RJ :-)


Stick & Suck is the white disk stuck onto the bottom of the LARGE Switch below.

The white surface you see actually has thousands of tiny suction cups on it.

While showering at a hotel during a recent RoadTrip (yes, I know...too much information <grin>), I was thinking about our Device Adapter for placing devices on our Magic Arm and SlantBoard and Auggie Arm.  For placing smaller items ("placing" means attaching a switch/device temporarily, but firmly), I've always wanted something like hook & loop but *not* hook & loop.  In moving around on the bath mat in the shower, I thought it was cool that as I pressed on the mat, the suction cups on the bottom 'gripped'.  Hmmm....why not have lots of *smaller* suction cups within some material that could be affixed to switches and stuff?

So I searched the Net and I found it!  I have to get it from overseas but it's exactly what I was looking for.  It's thin, about the thickness of double side picture mouting tape.  On one side is a permanent self-adhesive.  The other side consists of thousands of very small suction cups (you can't see 'em, but you wish you *could*).  We used it to place our CD Switch Kit at our Make-n-Take table at Closing The Gap and ATIA events recently, and people *loved* Stick & Suck.

Each sheet consists of two 2.5" disks and one 4.5" disk.  I use the small ones for my Small Switch, and the larger ones for my LARGE Switch.   (When you get it, the matte side is the 'stick' and the glossy is the 'suck). Of course, you can use it with any respectively sized round switch.

I have also used the larger disk for our SAM-Joystick, and even BIG Blue keyboard and LargeKeys!  I've even tried it on AAC devices (like our Auggies) when they don't need to be angled more than 30 degrees.

Once in awhile, you'll need to clean the suction pads by simply sticking/peeling wide cellophane packing tape to its surface.

On the fence about this Stick & Suck Placement Disks? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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