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Flopper-Stopper Head Helper

Flopper-Stopper Head Helper

$29.00 - $259.00

"About 20 years ago, I noted that some learners with whom I've worked were head 'floppers', that is, they had difficulty getting and/or keeping their head up, so that they could have forward/backard, lateral, and rotative head control.  I experimented and came up with my Flopper-Stopper (forgive the name and move on ;-)  When positioned properly, the user's head cannot fall forward enough for gravity to make things difficult.  The obvious question was, would the user stay *off* the switch.  To my continuing amazement over the years, the answer, almost every time, is *yes*!" RJ :-)


Flopper-Stopper Head Helper (includes Compact Switch)

Since we know they *can* 'flop', what better place to try the switch than right under the chin.  It is so cool to see someone go from a 'flopper' to a switch user, in an instant (sometimes).

Positioning the Flopper-Stopper requires a Magic Arm, for stability and 'reach'. You might even need one of the Extensions to get it 'just right' (read on).

The critical aspect of positioning Flopper-Stopper is to have it right at that point where gravity pulls the head down.  *It is NOT meant to support the head!*  You can simulate this 'gravity point' just by loosening your neck muscles (roll your head around a few times), push your chin to your chest, and then all the way back (hyper-extend).  Now slowly bring your head back forward until your head 'falls off your neck', somewhere about half-way back to your chest.  Find that point because that is where you want Flopper Stopper to go for the user.  Above that they have head control.  It's very cool and almost instant.

My Flopper-Stopper Head Helper is destined to impress.

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