CrossScanner Mouse Alternative



"CrossScanner is a universal way to run *any* software by 1 or 2 switch(es). With the switch(es) plugged into my SAM-Trackball, SwitchHopper, Switcheroo, Cordless Switch Interface, or SAM-Joystick, or any switch interface at all, the user is able to perform mouse moves and clicks, double clicks, drags, operate menu's and even enter text (with optional OnScreen keyboard). The user interface is incredibly intuitive. All operation is supervisor-controllable to fine tune CrossScanner to the needs of the user." RJ :-)

Now has a great feature providing auto-scrolling (including web pages) from the Icon Window.

Also, you can use the right-button/switch-jack of our SAM-Trackball for the switch input, and still have full mouse/left-click control of your computer.

Auto-scan operation: the first click starts the lineScan down the screen. The next click stops the line when it gets to the user's desired vertical point. If DoubleClick, Drag, or Text Entry is active, an iconWindow pops up for the user to select between with the fingerScan. The final click tells the computer to move the cursor to that point and perform the chosen function.

A NEW alternate scan mode is Inverse Scan, where the line/finger moves for the time you are holding the switch down, and then release for a certain time, to stop the line/finger.  You can press/release repeatedly, within the time period, to advance the line finger, until it gets where you'd like).

A second NEW alternate scan mode is 2 Switch Step Scan, where your right-click (switch plugged into an interface than can emulate a mouse right-click) will 'step' the line/finger down/forward, and the click (or switch plugged into an interface that can emulate a left-click) will *select* the current position (stop the line/finger).

Works with: any switch(es) into any interface (like one of ours referenced above), or any keystroke

We offer a variety of carrier options and add another, approximately, 10% of the carrier cost to cover packaging materials and labor.
Orders may be returned, upon receiving a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) # from or by calling 1-800-RJCooper, within 30 days of receipt of product, for a refund of the purchase price of the item(s). After that, if the item is in sale-able condition, a store credit may be issued. Shipping is not refunded.
Defective units, received within 1 year of purchase, must be sent back to us, after contacting us and receiving an RMA (see above). Packages must have the RMA on the outside, shipped via a trackable method, and include a detailed note explaining the defect.

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