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TV Controller

TV Controller (cable, satellite, or network/antenna)

$20.00 - $199.00

This TV Controller is an infrared (IR) device that performs some of the functions of your TV and/or cable/satellite remote.  There might be switch inputs on the back, if you ordered them, that 'parallel' the button functions. The Power button can be set to control the TV, your cable/satellite box, or both.  I set it for just TV.  The Channel buttons can affect just your TV (if there is no cable/satellite hookup), or the cable/satellite box.  Inside the TV Controller box is a special remote that I chose because of these dual capabilities.  You will need to set up this remote, using the manufacturer's instructions and Code list.

     Another variant of this product has 5 buttons, adding Volume UP and DOWN buttons.

     If you need more detailed BIG Button or switch access to your TV (Guide, DVR, Volume, etc.), please let me know!  But remember, each function will require a button/switch input.

YouTube video at: <>

My TV Controller (cable, satellite, or network/antenna) is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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