Switch-Adapted Jokemaster



"I'm always looking for something for learners to *do*, and not just practice or pretend.  So my colleague at the time, Bryan, came across this nifty device and told me about it.  I didn't think that much of it because I put it in the 'cute' category.  I took it on several of my RoadTrips and there were a few professionals that lit up, saying "That would be great for Nicholas!"  I gave a few away and loved to hear that one boy was telling jokes at his middle school lunch, using his switch and a microphone!  Impressive." RJ


So I decided to take a bunch of them to 2004's year's Closing The Gap conference, our biggest event of a year.  We put around 20 of them on the top of a shelving unit on which we were offering 4 of our most popular products at special show prices.

Boy, was I surprised.  People were very excited about them.  We sold out almost immediately!  Once again, people had certain users in mind right away.  I do hope to hear more stories like above!

There are 2 switch inputs.  The top one for telling a new joke, and the bottom one for repeating the last.  Also has a headphone/speaker jack on right (as shown with optional carry case/speaker above).

By itself it's not as loud as I would have liked, but it's great anyway!  If you get the *optional* carry case/speaker, then it's plenty loud!  You can even plug it into a sound system for a real 'comedian' experience for an audience!


The pictures show my daughter, Courtney, around 6 years old, modeling it for manual use.  For switch use, the strap is nice to be able to hang the speaker on a wheelchair tube, and obviously the user would not be operating it manually ;-)

We offer a variety of carrier options and add another, approximately, 10% of the carrier cost to cover packaging materials and labor.
Orders may be returned, upon receiving a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) # from or by calling 1-800-RJCooper, within 30 days of receipt of product, for a refund of the purchase price of the item(s). After that, if the item is in sale-able condition, a store credit may be issued. Shipping is not refunded.
Defective units, received within 1 year of purchase, must be sent back to us, after contacting us and receiving an RMA (see above). Packages must have the RMA on the outside, shipped via a trackable method, and include a detailed note explaining the defect.

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