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Mouse Button-Box

Mouse Button-Box

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"Once in awhile I come across someone that can use their hand(s) to some extent, but not well.  But they *want* to use their hand(s).  My SAM-Joystick is a great choice but is big and a bit pricey, and for some, it's just difficult.

So I invented this Mouse Button-Box.  Not too much needs explaining here.  It's USB so it works on both Mac and Windows (requires accompanying software for both).  Very adjustable speeds and functions, even a dwell-click (Windows)." RJ


And I make them with the click buttons on either right (as pictured) or left side.

Dimensions of box are 8.5" wide by 5" deep x 2" tall at the front & 3" tall at the rear

And yes, pressing 2 adjacent buttons will move the cursor on a diagnol :)

Required driver/software (after purchase, link and for Windows, Registration Code also, will be provided)


SAM-X software for Mac

Joystick to Mouse for Windows

Life is too short to live without the Mouse Button-Box. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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