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Tablet Tube Mount

Tablet Tube Mount

$69.00 - $99.00

"Owners of 'old style' AAC device mounts, and strollers/walkers take note!


     Instead of buying a completely new Tablet Mount, you can add my Tablet Tube Mount to your already sturdy, expensive, older mount!  Just remove the adapter (or not) that you currently have, and easily attach my mount!  Easy, fast, removable (by you, not the user ;-), and economical.  I *listen* to you and try to save you money (even though it obviates the need for one of my Mounts! <grin>).


     I do stuff like this for *you*, so you can spend the least amount of money for the best value, and utilize your existing AAC mount (DAESSY, DynaMount, CJ mount, etc.)!" RJ



Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Tablet Tube Mount.

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