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Tablet Swing-Away Floor Stand w/Adjustable Tablet Holder - RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc.

Tablet Swing-Away Floor Stand w/Adjustable Tablet Holder

$15.00 - $129.00

"During a recent RoadTrip visit to a special needs school in the Bahamas, the staff was interested in setting up more 'sensory activities' and a 'sensory environment.'  These comprise, usually, fairly passive activities where the learner, usually at a very early cognitive level, is exposed to lighting, sounds, vibrations, and/or screen changes.  Further, usually the exposure is subtle, not so much 'in your face' cause/effect. Finally, almost all the time, the learners are laying down in some manner.

     I wanted to create a mount that could get an iPad stably and securely down to that level. With this new Tablet Swing-Away Floor Stand, I've succeeded! RJ :-)


This Stand also works *great* for other mounting needs, such as free-standing next to a wheelchair or bed.  The 'reach' from the post to the center of the iPad, at 28" of height, is 28" horizontally.  As you go down or up, vertically, you subtract that distance from the horizontal. 

** Note: a 2.5 lb weight is optional, might be needed if you're extending the 'arm' from from the post.

** Note: The Adjustable Tablet Holder choices are measured with iPad in landscape mode, from top to bottom:

  • Tall: For 9.7" iPads in a rugged protective case (like my Ultimate II's) and any size > 9.7" (range=7.5-10.5 up to 1.25" thick)
  • Standard: For Mini's and 9.7's NOT in a rugged case (5.5-7/.5, up to .75" thick)
  • Tall & Wide/Thick: For *really* thick foam cases for 9.7's and above (7.5-10.5 but up to 1.5" thick (thicker upon request, if needed))


At floor-level-viewing position, the iPad center would be 12" from the floor, and 22" from the vertical post.  In its highest position, the iPad center would be 52" from the floor and 15" from the vertical post.


The Tablet Swing-Away Floor Stand w/Adjustable Tablet Holder is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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