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fastening strips

'Super'-VELCRO® BRAND Fastening Strips

$10.00 - $199.00

"A 'Holy Grail' of Assistive Tech/AAC is to position items (small, like switches, and big, like joysticks) properly, but yet be able to move them around quickly.  All my positioning Arms for switches and AT devices are intended to do that, as well as items like my Switch Poser, and Tablet/iPad Mounts.  As I travel around on my popular RoadTrips, I see switches, joysticks, etc. mounted by everything from tacky tape to duct tape, even "heavy duty" or "industrial" VELCRO® BRAND fasteners, but rarely are they really secure." RJ


I came up with my Stick & Suck, which helps, but is not that strong or lasting.  But it's great in certain circumstances.

A good solution that I have used over the years,  is ultra-bonding VELCRO® BRAND fastening strips (and those that I have given samples to *love* it).  No, you cannot get it yourself.  I have to order it in rolls directly from a distributor. It's great stuff.

Here are my 3 determining factors in using/offering ultra-strong VELCRO® BRAND fastening strips :

1) The hook/look is *very* dense, much more than anything commercially available.  The only way to separate the 2 halves is to slide something in between.  I use a room keycard, or credit card.  If you're using a large amount of the ultra-bonding VELCRO® BRAND fastening strips, a CD works well as a separator.

2) The adhesive is *very* strong.  It stays where it's put.

3) The height of the hooks and loops is much *lower* than any other hook & loop .  This holds the items much closer together.

I use a generous amount to even mount heavy Dynvox-size AAC devices on my Auggie Arm, with my Device Adapter.

I sell this material by the yard and by the roll, 2" wide.  Yes, it's expensive, but it is GREAT!  Works for switches, joystick, trackball, AAC device, cellphone, iPod, iPad, just about anything.

Remember, use a credit card, old room keycard, or old CD to separate the 2 halves!

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.

My 'Super'-VELCRO® BRAND Fastening Strips is innovative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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