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Car iPad Mount

Car iPad/Tablet Mount w/ATH



Attaching an iPad to a car in such a way as to let someone in the backseat or wheelchair clearly see the screen has been pretty hit-and-miss.  But I've now been able to adapt a commercially available holder to my time and user tested Adjustable Tablet Holders (ATH) that I use for all my mounts/arms. The attachment method my 'take' on this concept is *very* secure, unlike some that are strap-on or elastically held in place. Further, I add tilt-ability so you can orient the tablet so that all in the backseat can see.  And the vibration of the car does not loosen my attachments/adjustments.  It just *works*.

Choose the Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH) matching your needs:

Tall for iPads larger than Mini and *with* protective case, or 12.9"

The standard for Mini's and iPads without a protective case

Tall & Thick for iPads larger than Mini and with VERY thick protective cases

Providing iPad access to people behind the front seat is beneficial to all. The Cap Mount here securely attaches to the vertical posts of the front seat head restraints, *securely*, and comes with your selection of Adjustable Tablet Holder :-)" RJ


My Car iPad/Tablet Mount w/ATH is destined to impress.

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