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Wheeels! (*purchase app at App Store)

Wheeels! (*purchase app at App Store)


* Actual purchase is from within app at the App Store. This page is promotional.

Calling Brave Charioteers! Our friend Wheeels needs your help!
Mad robots and evil clowns have invaded Wheeels’ home town and it’s up to you to stop them. Featuring lots and lots of custard pies, Wheeels! is fantastic four-wheeled fun for all kids ages 4 and up. Steer Wheeels through each maze, discovering your route to the end, while collecting pies to throw at the monsters before they can throw pies at you!s
First released by RJ Cooper & Associates on November 27, 1998 to assist young power wheelchair users in developing their joystick skills, Wheeels! is specially adapted to be playable and winnable by children across a range of physical and cognitive abilities.
This all new version built for iPad is our best Wheeels! yet!
Adjustable game speeds—Slow, Medium, and Fast—cater to different reaction times and dexterity. Three levels of maze difficulty exercise skills, as wide corridors become narrower and bumping into walls—harmless at Easy—leaves a bruise at Medium and Hard!
Wheeels! for iPad supports multiple input devices: touchscreen, tilting, switch joystick, gamepad, keyboard, and trackball. Its friendly cartoon graphics and pie-throwing fun are suitable for playing at home and at school. 
Wheeels! for iPad includes the first Easy maze for free. Parents and teachers can securely purchase more mazes in-game.
My Wheeels! (*purchase app at App Store) is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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