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Switch-Adapted Cause/Effect Player

Switch-Adapted Cause/Effect Player


Using my small MP3 Player, I created additional electronics that would turn a switch hit into music/audio playback for 10-120 seconds.  It's a simple 3 x 3 cube, rechargeable, with built-in small (but sufficient) speaker, with a removable mini-SD card for song storage.  Plug a switch in (OPTIONAL), and the audio plays for your set-able amount of time, then pauses. (It goes strictly by time, not song or chapter or anything)

A 3-way switch lets you choose between Timed, Latching, or Momentary.

When presenting to learner, audio should be paused, and the first switch hit will then start the audio.

The Switch-Adapted Cause/Effect Player is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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