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Switch-Adapted Bluetooth Speakerphone

Switch-Adapted Bluetooth Speakerphone


"Dan needed help in accessing his computer and his phone.  He was in a motorcycle accident in 2004, with resultant quadriplegia.  He is only able to move his left hand a tad and his right elbow slightly.  Fortunately, I could help!" RJ


Using a Small Switch, upside-down, facing his right forearm, on a Mini-Arm, attached to his bed rail, he can use his iPhone!  The switch plugs directly into my Switch-Adapted Bluetooth Speakerphone.  After Pairing with his iPhone, a click of his switch brings up Siri, and he is able to use his voice, even though it's soft and gravelly, to speak voice commands, such as "Call Mom!"  The recognition is quite good!  We also tried it with an Android phone (Samsung S5) and it worked equally well (double-tap the switch to bring up Android's voice command mode).

     The Speakerphone is powered by an internal, rechargeable LiON battery that usually lasts him about a week.  It's a very simple system.  He has the volume adjusted so just he can hear it, and his mom says she hears him just fine :-)

     For more info on how he controls his computer with the LARGE Switch, click here.

I LOVE when I can help solve a specific problem!

Mini-Arm, Small Switch, and LARGE Switch is shown in picture are *optional*
The Switch-Adapted Bluetooth Speakerphone is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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