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Switch Poser

Switch Poser


"I'm a big fan of putting any hand-operated switch on an angle.  I don't like placing them flat, either on a laptray or a table, because the user might just lay on the switch, or have a tough time getting *off* the switch, once on." RJ


I prefer switch(es) to be on an angle. The only times I like placing switches flat are:

  • If the user has had a lot of experience and *is* successful at getting on/off (especially off) the switch
  • If the user needs to 'creep' up to the switch, using the surface as a support (I have never seen this situation, but it probably exists)

So, how to get your switch(es) on an angle.  In the past, I have recommended 2 things:

  • Using one of my positioning arms, these days, my Mini-Arm.
  • Have your custodian/friend make a slant out of some wood

As in the case of my Flopper Stopper, my Pointer, and other items that I've instructed people on how make it, people never really getting around to actually doing it; and the Mini-Arm *is* extra hardware.  My mantra, even though I make my living by *selling* stuff, is "The less hardware, the better."  So I came across an item the other day that lent itself well to adaptation (my forte) for special needs. 

Now I offer you my Switch Poser (it 'poses' the switch)!  It 'sucks' to a smooth, flat surface, like a laptray, or a smooth table.  However, since most of you who know me, know that I actually *use* this stuff with learners/users, I have found that many times, you don't *have* a smooth surface.  So I provide an adapter which *sticks* to non smooth surfaces (semi-permanently) and *gives* you a smooth, flat surface to attach the 'sucky' part of my Switch Poser!

The front of the Poser, where you attach your switch, I use my special *Super*-Hook&Loop fastening material.  No, this is not the stuff you can buy at your hardware store or Office Max, etc.  This is the most dense, ultra-strong VELCRO® BRAND fastener on the planet (did you know there are 27 grades of  VELCRO® BRAND fasteners?).  The only way to separate it is with a credit card or CD between the hook/loop.  It's great stuff.  I give you some extra to put on the bottom of your switch(es).  So when you stick your switch to the Switch Poser, it *stays*.  And the Poser stays, too!

And you can adjust the Poser to any angle, even vertically for those that use a lateral, sliding motion because they can't lift their hand/arm.  This way, they can use the side of their hand/fist, and just slide into the switch for activation.


Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold, the Switch Poser is for you.

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