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Streaming TV Controllers

Streaming TV Controllers (all brands) (optional switch adaptation available)

$20.00 - $219.00

"For those people, seniors and/or disabled, for whom a conventional remote is just inaccessible (too small, buttons too close together, too many buttons), I wanted to make all types of current TV/media within their reach (literally! ;-)


Streaming TV's are the trend currently (4/19), with RokuTV, FireTV, and smartTV.  Then there are the USB-plugin devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire Stick, and Roku Stick, all vying for the top spot.  These TV's/plugins connect directly with your wifi router/modem (the box supplied by your internet provider).

'SmartTV's' are not specific to a company/brand's streaming, because they don't require a separate USB device for that service (for example, they can access Netflix and a host of other streaming channels).

The difference between a specific streaming TV/plugin and a SmartTV is the number of apps (i.e. channels) it offers, but that is becoming moot as they all try to cover *all* channels (ESPN is actually an "app" but can be called a "channel").  Personally, a SmartTV offers all I need, but some like the specific brand's streaming capabilities.

I try to cover all, as the need arises.  Dee Dee purchases a Fire TV for her son, Creed, so I was able to create a Bluetooth controller for their TV.  If someone has a need for a Roku TV, I will create that controller.  And so on. (no, that's not Creed below ;-)

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Streaming TV Controllers (all brands) (optional switch adaptation available).

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