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Phone Holder

Phone Holder

$59.00 - $159.00

"Having something hold your phone fixes half the problem! (the other half is accessing the device ;-) My Phone Holder mounts to one of my Arms, usually the Mini-Arm, for a nice, small 'footprint', sturdy mounting solution." RJ :-)


My iPad/Tablet Mounts (4 of them) have been very popular.  I was very happy when some of 'you' out there asked me for a similar setup for their smartphones!  So here it is.  The Phone Holder screws easily into the end of any of my Arms, Short, Mini, Articulating, and Magic.  You can view the iPad/Tablet Mounts page to see more pics of each of them, including the very secure (and included) Super-Clamp.  There is a LOT of info and pics on that page so take your time.

In fact, the 'quick-connect' that I use for attaching the iPad/Tablet to an Arm, is the same that I use here for the Phone Holder, which means...you can use the same Mount for both, and swap them with one easy lever!

If you already have an Arm, there's a good chance it can accept my Phone Holder.  The screw size is called "1/4-20" (pronounced "quarter-20"); it's quite common.  If yours is that size, you can order just the Phone Holder below.

If you need both an Arm and the Phone Holder, you can order that combo below.  You may also email a picture of you or your user in their wheelchair/bed/whatever, from the side, showing app. where you want the phone to be at <info@rjcooper.com>.  NOTE: You will get an immediate request to re-submit to a slightly different email address. This is because of SPAM.  So don't send the pics right away.  Send a 'test' email to the above, wait for the auto-response, and send your pic(s) to the email in the auto-response.

The Phone Holder is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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