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Mini-Arm (Includes Super-Clamp, 3" & 5" mounting disks)

Mini-Arm (Includes Super-Clamp, 3" & 5" mounting disks)


The Mini-Arm is a nice, short, and compact arm.  Included is the great Super-Clamp so the Mini-Arm can be mounted to just about anything.  The Mini-Arm ranges from 4-12".  It comes with 2 round plastic disk for the end, a 2.5" (for our Small Switch) and 5" (for our LARGE Switch), with ultra-strong VELCRO® BRAND fastener, to mount the switch.

The Super-Clamp attaches to just about anything and I love it when I can mount it to a sturdy lap tray to reduce the 'footprint'.

"Creating just what is needed, nothing more, nothing less, is a goal of mine, to get just the right item to a learner/user! I developed this product to provide a compact solution for small switches to be mounted on wheelchairs and operated by the head, hand, or foot. This is my go-to mounting for a switch(es) :-)" RJ

My Mini-Arm (Includes Super-Clamp, 3" & 5" mounting disks) is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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