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book holder


$49.00 - $289.00


This Bookholder attaches to either a positioning arm (e.g. Magic Arm, Articulating Arm, Mini-Arm) or my Tall Tablet Stand, to provide a stable but tilt-able holder for even textbooks.

Shelby's Mom: "I have known about RJ Cooper and his many talents and have bought other items from him. I was in need of a book holder on an Arm for my daughter.  I was not able to locate what I needed.  I went to RJ and asked him. Bam!! What do you know?  RJ came up with the perfect solution.   Thank you, RJ!!!  You are awesome!"


"I absolutely LOVE making 'one-offs' for specific individuals when a parent or professional asks me!  In this case, it was a mom, and a really smart girl!" RJ :-)


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Book-Holder.

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