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Biggy cursor enhancer & Biggy-Light

Biggy cursor enhancer & Biggy-Light

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"Finally, BIG, Ultra-visible cursors for all programs. Large selection, even 'lefties' (Windows). Many are even animated PLUS, other SIGNIFICANT cursor enhancements also. A great all-around utility that works within any software!" RJ :-)

Biggy (cursor enhancer...on 'steroids'! ;-) & Biggy-Light (both for all Windows)

Our Biggies are 32x32 and even 32x64. And we've made them appear even bigger, in many cases. They are all in color. They are designed to be ultra-visible.  (OK, a few are both 'cute' and ultra-visible)

Biggy also lets you choose big & bold replacements for several small, hard-to-see other cursors, like the I-beam image of i-bar and the 'Wait' cursors (the watch on the Mac image of mac wait and an hourglass in Windows image of the hourglass ).

I also offer a 2/category version, Biggy-Light.

Included with both:

  • QuickPoint -  jumps the cursor to the default button (like OK, or Save) in a dialog box.  Saves time!
  • ScreenWrap, to wrap the cursor around the screen; then it goes off one edge, it will appear at the opposite edge. Great for our SAM-Trackballs and SAM-Joysticks.
  • Sounds for all your mousing activities: moving, clicking, dragging, menus.  You'll love this!
  • Smooooooth BIG Biggies (these are HUGE)!
  • Animated* BIG Biggies (in Win2000/XP)!
  • ButtonMouse, to move the cursor, perform left/right clicks, double clicks, and drags, all with 2 switches (buttons) only!
  • KeyMouse, to completely control mouse movement and button functions from the numeric keypad or AT device.
  • Automatically increases the size of that pesky window-sizing, double-headed arrows.
  • ClickLock, to the lock-down left or right button if held down long enough (may not work with all software);
  • PanicStopper 'freezes' your cursor if it senses erratic or very quick movement.
  • Built-in joystick capabilities that allow your joystick to control mouse and button actions.

And a host of other great cursor enhancing features.

My Biggy cursor enhancer & Biggy-Light is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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