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Say-It Talking Button accessible

Say-It Talking Button

$20.00 - $49.00 $125.00

"I try not to be competitive with products, but making Yes/No buttons, priced so they are accessible to all non-verbal persons, has always been a project I wanted to do.  Of course, these buttons can also be a great next-step on the path from PECS (TM) to AAC apps." RJ :)

Say-It's are simple, single message (up to 20 sec), 4" talking buttons.

Press/Hold for 5 seconds to begin recording.

Student/learner/user presses button to play back recording.  Similar in nature to Big M.

I recommend attaching a picture to the top of the button that is iconic of the recorded message.

Click here for Instructions


An optional $20 Mounting Kit is available to attach the Say-It to just about anywhere, tabletops, mounting arms, laptrays, etc.  The Kit allows room for the audio to come out of the bottom speaker, and gives you a removable (so you can get to the battery compartment), flat, smooth plastic disk WITH included super-hook&loop.

***Use a credit card to slide between the hook&loop of the mounting plate and the washers to remove the plate to access the battery compartment!

On the fence about this Say-It Talking Button? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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