iPad & Computer Accessories for Special Needs
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$129.00 - $164.00

"This one switch does it all!  It's 5" diameter makes a great target for those that need it.  It defaults to function as a mouseclick on any computer, through the cordless USB receiver." RJ


With our accompanying software for Mac or PC, you can have the Super-Switch function as any keystroke or mouse button (our software always 'looks' for mouseclick, <1> key, or <space> as the switch input; but other companies might be 'looking' for something else when they say "switch").

That means that all special needs 'switch' software can be operated by Super-Switch.

  • With the 2 channel version, there are 2 inputs there for you. You can have 2 switch Step-Scanning for your learner!  That means you can use the other switch for 'stepping' (advancing through choices) and the Super-Switch for the actual selecting (or vice versa).  The possibilities are endless :)

Super-Switch's input default to the different mouseclicks, but with the SwitchHopper software, as above, you can set the switch input(s) to do just about anything that any software wants.


Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold, the Super-Switch is for you.

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