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SmartClick (dwell or single-click utility)

SmartClick (dwell or single-click utility)

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SmartClick is a cool utility that permits a person, that can operate a pointing device, like my SAM-Joystick, but cannot click any buttons (or can click one),  to perform all button functions. Using the dwell principle, whereby you 'hover' over something long enough, you can accomplish all the functions on the floating palette (pictured above), within any software.

     SmartClick was also designed for those that can only click 1 button or switch.

    The SmartClick palette (like an artist's palette) contains buttons for functions. The user simply select their function, and then dwells, or single clicks, over their target. The function turns itself off after use.

Mac Users:  Recently, Apple added dwell-clicking to the MacOS, however, I've had at least one report of that person liking SmartClick better (but I can't find the email).  So try the Trial version, if interested :-)

My SmartClick (dwell or single-click utility) was built with people in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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