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Small Joystick for Computers

Small Joystick for Tablets/Computers

$39.00 - $259.00

"I have waited since 2010 for Apple to open up its iPads to regular mouse devices, and they finally did it with iOS 13 and iPadOS! RJ :-)"

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For over 30 years I have offered switch-adapted joysticks for computers, but they tend to be pretty large.  I finally decided to create a smaller one, that works, not only with computers but with iPad and Android tablets!

I offer this item in 'standalone' (just the joystick (3” x 3” x 3”) w/optional switch inputs, or in a box that has the option of large 1.25" buttons on it (with your choice of how many and which function(s)).

The standalone (Joystick-only)  version includes a joystick-to-USB adapter that plugs right into any computer, Chromebook, iPad (requires Apple's Lightning-to-USB adapter (available below or at BestBuy, Apple Store, etc.), or Android device (an optional 'Mini-USB adapter' is necessary (below, or BestBuy, etc.).

During Checkout, for the Box version, you can specify where you want each button, even the color.

This joystick is sensitive enough for SMA, or when mounted on one of my positioning Arms, the Joystick-only can be chin or mouth operated!


On the fence about this Small Joystick for Tablets/Computers? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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