iPad & Computer Accessories for Special Needs
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"Now you can plug your switch(es) into our Switch-Adapted Mouse (SAM) device for your PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android tablet, or iPad for a variety of purposes!" RJ :-)


  •     1) Operate all special needs software that can be operated by a mouseclick (like ours!) or simple keystroke(s).
  •     2) Access all regular software, like that from any computer store! The switch-user does all the clicking of the mouse, through SAM, while you move it. This turns any computer activity into great cooperative fun.
  •     3) Allow a person with gross-motor hand (or fine-motor head ) control to move the mouse, and do the clicking, double clicking, and click-lock (for drag) with other parts of their body.
  •     4) Give complete computer control, of any software, to a single switch user via our CrossScanner.

    You simply plug SAM-Trackball where your current mouse is, and plug your switch(es) into SAM. A switch plugged into one of SAM's switch inputs acts as the corresponding button, function. 

The accompanying software lets you set up the switch inputs as just about anything you'd like.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the SAM-Trackball.

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